The only
instrument integration and automation platform

Automatically send instrument data into your ELN or LIMS

Ganymede connects everything in your lab and allows you to easily automate moving data from A to B (think instruments into ELN/LIMS, or pipeline runs into analysis apps)!

Connect any instrument or data source

Bring any instrument online to sync its data into Ganymede or your apps, from sequencers to flow cytometers, and everything in between.

Upload and analyze data automatically

Ganymede can automatically process files in the cloud with easy file uploads, entering the result into your ELN or LIMS for you while performing validation and analysis along the way.

Never lose data or history

We save a copy of everything we see into a cloud database for you, so you have a traceable and versioned record of all data, experiment results, code, and metadata in your lab, wherever they live.

No more data entry

Spend more time on analysis, less time on data wrangling.

Populate any app automatically

Automatically populate any application, from your ELN/LIMS, to analysis software like JMP/Graphpad, to web apps like Airtable or Notion. Ganymede acts as the backend glue for data management so you can let each app do what it does best with your data.

Directly control your ELN

Automatically enter data directly into ELN entries with Ganymede. Save time on working with data, avoid human error, and capture more data than ever before.
No more data entry

All your data in one place, saved forever

Ganymede standardizes your data as you gather it, saving a copy of everything accessible in one spot.

Free your trapped data

All your bench side data is organized and available at your fingertips, streamlining your analytical processes, no matter what app or instrument it lives in. Ganymede can even ingest data directly from open public databases or CRO partners, as long as there's some data it can see.

Crowdsource your results and analytics

Make data and analysis to anyone, expanding your capability to innovate and ideate collaboratively. Share data from any source using completely customizable permissioning, within your team or outside your company.

Process your lab data as easily as your bioinformatics

Debug and customize your automation logic in a Jupyter notebook-like environment to iterate quickly on your analyses and data movement.