computing for your wet and dry labs

Lab-as-code for engineers

Ganymede integrates data from your lab instruments, ELN/LIMS, and pipelines on a unified workflow management platform.

Programmatically interact with your ELN/LIMS

Write sophisticated logic to associate your experimental results with ELN/LIMS context using configurable Python/SQL environments.

Seamlessly scale your analytical jobs from analysis and pipelines

Save Devops effort by using Ganymede to directly modify pipeline operators via a browser-based IDE. Your code and pipeline changes are synced with a Git repo so you can move fast and make things happen. View redlines of changed versions and roll back seamlessly.

Lab-as-code data processing

Monitor and orchestrate workflow pipelines via graphical interfaces, troubleshooting in a user-friendly environment. Changes to pipelines are checked before they are committed, so a mis-typed column name won't bring your pipeline down.

Spend less time on cloud plumbing, more time on analysis

Ganymede extracts data using a library of instrument and SaaS sources with cloud-native infrastructure that scales and parallelizes your code.

Meld your dry and wet labs

Feed your instrument metadata/data to your computational scientists, and empower your bench scientists to contextualize data.

Write code for your experimental data, not your coding environment

Manipulate your instrument and LIMS data in one computing environment. Ganymede supplies serverless cloud infra tailored to your needs.

Souped-up version control

Ganymede cloud versions code, data pipelines, and raw data, so you can revisit what you need, when you need it.
Spend less time on cloud plumbing, more time on analysis

Built for, rather than adapted to, developers and analysts

The Ganymede cloud provides a common ground for high-code and low-code users, to maximize ergonomics for data-driven workflows.

Built on open source

Ganymede cloud builds upon established open source software to ensure its components are well-supported, long-lived, and maximally compatible with hardware and software in the life sciences.

Capture everything

Capture and standardize all of your data/metadata as it's generated in a consistent form, so experimental context is fully preserved.