Realize the
full potential
of an automated lab

Maximize the
of your lab operations

Streamline and automate all lab workflows with Ganymede's flexible cloud platform. We provide lab instrument integration and data/analysis automation that easily fit into any organization, providing scale, more cost-effective operation, and faster iteration time.

Fully customized and fully implemented solutions

Whether integrating a single instrument into your LIMS, or automating your entire lab data infrastructure, we can address a wide range of data challenges and offer end-to-end installation of our platform.

Bridge gaps between physical lab operations and ELN/LIMS

We can bring any device online, from scales to sequencers, connecting them with existing data pipelines and LIMS to unify your infrastructure and increase your hardware and software ROI.

Eliminate data processing bottlenecks

Fully automate data capture, metadata generation, storage, and movement of data into and out of existing analytics platforms, LIMS, and databases, reducing manual input, delays, and costly mistakes. Save time and improve compliance together.

All your lab data structured and in one accessible spot

Standardize and centralize your data from instruments, apps, analyses, and even third-party data from partners like CROs or CDMOs.

Make lab data readily available to all of your team

Store versioned raw data, associated metadata, code, and processed analysis output in one cloud environment that team members can access, all with powerfully customizable code-based permissioning. Ganymede's database is fully open and transparent to you to build on - think of it as a database we host on your behalf

Easily integrate data from outside organizations

Tired of getting emailed data files from CROs? Connect your data pipeline to your collaborators directly to allow them to directly upload data into any app via Ganymede.

Make your data machine learning ready

Structure your data so that it’s queryable and clean, so that you can rapidly incorporate popular statistics and machine learning libraries to expand your lab's analytical insights and efficiencies.
All your lab data structured and in one accessible spot

Institutionalize data integrity and pave the way to GxP

Ensure robust GxP compliance by targeting the three biggest sources of vulnerability: documentation, processes, and people.

If someone touches the data, it will be documented

Ganymede maintains complete, searchable data provenance by synchronizing all raw data generated, personnel metadata, and versioning from connected instruments and pipelines across your lab operations. We save everything forever - not just audit logs, but all data state before and after every change.

Built-in compliance checkpoints for your processes

Automatically lock and version your data, processes, and analyses piped into your preferred ELN or LIMS. Maintain traceability between the data's source and destination.

Limit manual mistakes via data automation

Reduce your organization’s risk of human error and non-compliance by automating lab data management. Capture more data, more reliably than ever before.

more data
with less people

Manage the data flows in your organization with our lab-as-code cloud platform that’s built to organically grow with your evolving business needs.

Straightforward and customizable coding environment

Ganymede's low-code platform requires limited training to operationalize data processing or analysis.

Get around critical staffing shortages

Give your bench scientists superpowers to move faster, handle larger datasets, and avoid wasting time carting around files on USB sticks or doing repetitive analyses. The power and flexibility of lab-as-code circumvents the chronic shortage of data scientists and software engineers.

Scale to commercial success

Sail through each stage of drug development faster and faster by having a robust data platform from the start. Ganymede partners with clients from the earliest days of R&D up through GMP-level manufacturing.
Handle more data with less people