Capture, integrate, and
all equipment and app data in the cloud

Say goodbye to audit logs

All data is logged, versioned, and normalized in one environment.

Capture all raw data from your equipment, forever

Ganymede captures and permanently saves all raw data and signals from your instruments, enabling you to go beyond audit logs in associating systems with processes. Instead, just look at past state directly.

Turn your non-compliant machines into compliant ones

By storing instrument data, instrument configuration, user information, and even business logic, Ganymede makes compliance a breeze. Associate raw data through drivers, analyses, and cleaning all the way down to final scientific results and QC checks.

Observe your data in a single queryable data lake

Ganymede gathers metadata and data in a tabular form within a single environment, enabling you to quickly develop insights from data gathered across different data sources.

Enrich your systems and data with their full context

Integrate your LIMS with your raw data capture, so you can ensure collected data remains interpretable throughout its lifecycle

Combine your LIMS data with your MES and LES

Sync data between your lab and manufacturing systems, while maintaining the associations between raw data and end results.

Integrate with your existing databases

Flexibly transit data in and out of the Ganymede cloud to your databases, so you can maintain continuity with your existing processes and ensure flexibility with respect to future software infrastructure you choose to use.

Developed with your needs in mind

The Ganymede cloud is modular, building upon popular open-source software packages to maximize compatibility with existing software systems.
Enrich your systems and data with their full context

Track data, compute KPIs, and share observations from a single platform

Standardize and centralize your data observations, streamlining data-driven decisions across your manufacturing operations.

Built on modern cloud-native infrastructure

Ganymede is built upon Google Cloud Platform, primarily using serverless architecture. This ensures resilience through the guarantees provided by GCP, such as its famous "11 nines" of data durability and ability to scale across any number of sites through autoscaling.

Spend more time on higher value-add efforts

With one platform for monitoring and analysis, spend more time optimizing and less time operationalizing your processes.

As hands-on or hands-off as you would like

Ganymede can consultatively implement cloud infrastructure and analytics for you, or provide the platform for your engineers to use.