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Nov 30
12:00 pm

Close the data gap between your physical wet lab and your digital dry lab.

Instrument integration - it’s a fundamental data challenge that continues to impair the efficiency and growth of every life sciences organization. Structured, FAIR data collected from lab instruments is also a requirement for success with any digitalization project and with adoption of powerful new tools like AI, ML, and LLMs.

With Ganymede’s Universal Connectors, we’ve solved this problem. Join us in this webinar, and we’ll show you how we can help integrate any of your instruments. The webinar will cover:

  • Why instrument integration is so important, yet so difficult
  • Best practices for capturing, storing, and structuring lab data off of instruments
  • Universal Connectors, and show how they can empower you to integrate any lab instrument
  • A live demonstration with a real lab instrument, run by our founding scientist
  • Different instrument use cases for Universal Connectors
  • Benefits of instrument integration for everyone in your organization

Make sure you stay for the Q&A at the end!

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Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark

Founder & CEO
Alan Chramiec, PhD

Alan Chramiec, PhD

Founding Scientist
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