Integrate instruments, apps, and files in one lab-as-code platform

Ganymede is the modern platform for software engineers in science. Quickly connect, program, and automate your lab in a low-code hosted PaaS.


Your lab's core data + automation backbone

Ganymede makes it as easy as possible for software engineers to write integrations, connect software and hardware, and push data around with intuitive versioning.

Rapidly develop integrations in code...

Quickly write, test, and run integrations between everything in your lab. Develop your own connectors and types, or extend our library.

Powerful Terraform-like lab-as-code tooling

Ganymede offers a declarative library of high-level automation tools and bioinformatic functions so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

An ORM over your integrations

Virtualize your integrations to build using their internal schema within Ganymede. Inherit structure from apps, open public databases, ontologies, etc.

Build entire applications

Simple persistence within Ganymede allows for rapidly building apps, no other backend needed. Turn any interface into a CRUD form for your users.

...and generate UIs to manage them

Create apps and automate your work whether you're an engineer or scientist. Ganymede automatically generates a UI for mapping data that serves engineers' integrations as tables.

The easiest UI for writing business logic

Engineers code integrations' skeletons, then visualize them in an automatically-generated UI for scientists to review and write business logic. Build an entire DAG as you go.

Biologically-aware types and connectors

Quickly organize data into bio objects through powerful types, and out-of-the-box connectors to your hardware and software.

Never lose data or history

Quickly revert changes or imports if your data format breaks. Store everything all the time for auditing and debugging experiments.

Tame your files and tech transfers

Form a clean interface to CROs and tech transfers with powerful file-based tooling.

Never do data entry again

Automate ingestion by OCR-ing your PDFs into JSON key:value pairs, parse chart images into tables, and infer data types from CSV contents.

Self-serve human-in-the-loop tooling

Empower scientists and analysts to self-serve fix broken data imports by changing lines of code through a simple web interface.

ML-powered data cleaning

Automatically check for errors, fat-fingers, and scientific process issues with easy out-of-the-box ML tools for file cleaning and monitoring.

Built as a turnkey solution

Connect to Ganymede over its APIs/SDK; or, connect Ganymede directly to your database. We provide a powerful React-like library for engineers, synced with a web app for end users.

About Us

Meet our team

A team that dreams to improve data and communication in the sciences.

  • Nathan Clark


    Product | Design | Engineering

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    Science | Eng | Hardware

  • Andy Caruso

    Founding Engineer

    Cloud Infra | Quality

  • John La

    Founding Engineer

    Backend Eng | Systems

  • Sami Belkadi

    Founding Engineer

    Lab Auto | Hardware

  • Alan Chramiec

    Founding Scientist

    Sales Ops | Business | People


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