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Ganymede liberates your data by connecting every instrument and app like ELNs or LIMS into one FAIR data layer. Stop dealing with files and data entry.

Our Lab-as-Code technology powers data automation, saving scientists up to 20% of their time, and providing rich data for compliance and AI/ML.

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Connect all your instrument data & automate your scientific software in
one FAIR data cloud

There's nothing Ganymede can't connect to and turn into FAIR cloud-based data for automation and analysis. Realize the full potential of your lab data and maximize the power of your ELN or LIMS with automation that gives your scientists speed superpowers.

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Lab data integration saves scientists at least
20% of their time

Ganymede’s platform makes it easy to integrate everything in your lab and automate analysis in code, or we can do it for you.
Don't be left behind as the industry transitions to modern data clouds that power time-saving automation for scientists in Lab-as-Code.

Ganymede's connections feature

Connectors for every instrument

Ganymede’s platform offers hundreds of canned connectors and makes it easy to build new ones with a variety of connectivity tools. Stop asking if something can be connected; start exploring the potential of automation.

Bring FAIR-ness to your lab

Data isn’t useful if it’s trapped in PCs or incompatible formats. We parse your raw data, metadata, and results into structured tables. Ganymede data is FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable), powering clean, AI-ready data.

Connect everything else, too

Ganymede integrates everything from databases, to bioinformatics pipelines, to apps, to CDMO/CRO and in vivo data. Anything that is slowing your scientists down with data entry or data tasks needs to go away.

Compliant by nature

All data is saved forever with context, traceability, and versioning in the Ganymede platform. Go beyond audit logs and towards full data flow reproducibility from raw data to results, knowing exactly what code ran what data when.

Ganymede's dashboard

Edit your code on the web

Our innovative flow-based web IDE allows you to write Lab-as-Code automation and build pipelines directly against your integrated data, or even build your own integrations.

Build beautiful dashboards

Powerful BI tools are at your fingertips that leverage Ganymede's FAIR data. Easily compare raw data across assays in ways impossible in a file-based world. Visualize instrument utilization and process bottlenecks.

Put entire scientific apps into the cloud

Virtualize scientific analysis apps into Ganymede's UI so that you can keep using your favorite scientific software tools while keeping your workflow fully tracked and integrated for data simplicity.

Powerful tools for software engineers and data scientists

Ganymede's pipeline, agent, and connector code can be redeployed in seconds, all versioned in Git for the comfort of having full version control, while also saving data forever in an append-only model for data integrity.

Ganymede's flow editor

Maximize the value of your ELN or LIMS

Automated data capture and calculation of analysis via Lab-as-Code allows writing your results straight into your ELN or LIMS or other tools like MES, no human required. Save time and improve compliance and data visibility all at once.

Eliminate tedious data tasks

Scientists spend as much as 20% of their time on data-related tasks such as file management, data entry, and repetitive analysis. What if they had all that time back? How much faster could your progress move?

Generate visualizations and plate maps

Leverage automation to create rich reports and files like plate maps. Control your instruments directly from your ELN or LIMS or streamline communication with the rest of your lab.

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Never lose data again

Ganymede tags every data point and file with rich metadata taken from your LIMS or other system of record. Stop trudging through folder structures and realize the speed-up of fully FAIR data.

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Explore Ganymede Use Cases

Ganymede’s Lab-as-Code platform is specifically designed to be flexible.

Small molecules, biologics, cell & gene therapies, and synthetic biology—we digitalize all types of scientific workflows.
Ganymede is purpose-built to handle any and all of the life science industry’s complexity.

See how we can help address your unique challenges.

By Science

Accelerating all therapeutic types and bio-products.

By Product

A wide variety of tools to solve a wide variety of data problems.

By Roles

Lab data should be accessible and reusable throughout your organization.

The Ganymede Difference

Learn why FAIR data and instrument integration clouds like Ganymede are becoming table stakes for modern biotechs.


of your lab data,
structured, FAIR, and
in one place


faster time to market
for your therapeutics
and bio-products


in data entry errors


of bench scientists’ time
saved with automated
data management

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