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A look at our mission and the people behind it.


Improving lives through software
Accelerated discovery, development and delivery of therapeutics

Today, science is a team sport. Hundreds of scientists, developers, and other experts contribute to new patent applications, product launches, and INDs. Your next big discovery and decision are in the data—Ganymede helps you get there smarter and faster.

Giving scientists data superpowers

Scientists are the heartbeat of any life science organization. They make the discoveries that lead to new intellectual property, new medicines, and new innovations for the world. So let’s get scientists back to what matters most—the science itself.

Business communication
Building a better biotech community
Making data more inclusive

We believe in empowering developers as much as scientists. Code is always going to be a critical part of handling the complexity of lab data, and so we’ve designed our platform to be as open-sourced, customizable, and developer-friendly as possible. Because the only right place for a walled garden is in your backyard.

Supporting the growth of techbio

We are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of this dynamic intersection of technology and biology happening at this unique moment in the history of the life sciences industry. Integrations are kind of our thing, and so we have a responsibility in facilitating meaningful collaborations and impactful partnerships. Only by working together can we continue to drive the innovation that’s required to address the most pressing challenges of our time.

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A sustainable and equitable future
Reducing waste in the life sciences industry

The discovery, development, and manufacture of therapeutics and biological products notoriously involves tons of resources and energy, and is fundamentally driven by trial and error. We provide the most powerful platform for analyzing lab operations, and enabling the data-driven decisions to make them as efficient, and therefore sustainable, as possible.

A diverse, interdisciplinary, and empowered team

We believe strongly in the transformational power of bringing together passionate individuals from a wide array of backgrounds to work on the solutions of tomorrow. Equally as important? Giving them the right, balanced environment to flourish personally while they collaborate professionally.

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Meet our team

A team that dreams to improve data and communication in the sciences.

Mays Alwash
Scientific Business Development Associate
Business Development | Science

As a former scientist, Mays is passionate about improving and accelerating the drug discovery process. Prior to joining Ganymede, she was a Scientific Liaison at BenchSci.Mays received her doctorate degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Toronto, and is a former social entrepreneur.

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Zach Augenfeld
Sr. Scientific Software Engineer
Solutions | Hardware

Zach has worked as a software and systems engineer at various biotech startups since receiving his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Yale. His doctoral work focused on deep learning algorithms for medical image analysis and image-guided cancer therapies. Before that, he studied Electrical Engineering and worked as a firmware engineer for medical devices and as a DSP engineer for guitar stompboxes.

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Luke Cach
Sales Director

With over a decade of experience in the biopharma industry, Luke's background lends itself to digital and business transformation. As a trained bioprocess engineer, Luke leverages his technical and scientific expertise to help clients navigate SaaS evaluations and identify strategic and impactful solutions. Prior to Ganymede, Luke worked at Synthace, Benchling, and Genentech. He holds a BS in Bioengineering from Oregon State University.

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James Cahoon
Implementation Manager
Client Management | Solutions

Prior to joining Ganymede, James was a member of the Customer Experience team at Benchling, managing implementations and ongoing support for some of the largest companies in biotech. He received his BS in Biomedical Engineering from NC State University and UNC Chapel Hill.

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Andy Caruso
Head of Engineering
Cloud Infra | Quality

Former Software Engineer at Alphabet. Andy built infrastructure management platform at Verily, and ran releases at YouTube, Chrome.

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Nathan Clark
Commercial | Product

Nathan Clark is the founder and CEO of Ganymede, the modern data platform and cloud infrastructure for science. Prior to Ganymede, Nathan was product manager for several of Benchling's data products, including the Insights BI tool and Machine Learning team. Before that, Nathan has a background in machine learning and data systems across financial technology and general technology.

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Matthew Co
Scientific Software Engineer
Solutions | Implementations

Prior to joining Ganymede, Matt worked as a Software Engineer, where he contributed to healthcare infrastructure commercialization, servicing hundreds of thousands of daily active users. He holds a BSA in Biology with a Business Certificate from the University of Texas at Austin, and has experience executing biological research in the fields of antibiotics, oncology, and hematology.

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Damian Costello
Senior Scientific Implementation Manager

Research consultant with a Masters degree in Endocrinology from the University of California, Berkeley and over 6 years wet bench experience in both Academic and Government research institutions. While at Benchling, I lead implementations which spanned a number of research verticals and worked with R&D labs in the start up through enterprise level. My goal was to help scientists define a standard operating procedure for tracking their samples and organizing the data captured against them.

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Paul Hao
Executive Assistant
Business Operations

Paul has a bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering, which he leveraged to work as a Technical Representative for Cebu Pacific's Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering department. He is currently pursuing additional studies in veterinary medicine at the University of the Philippines Los Banos while employed with Ganymede.

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Megan Kaveney
Implementation Manager

Prior to Ganymede, Meg spent the last 9 years in life sciences technology. With experience ranging from designing and implementing IRT software for Clinical Trials to acting as a Quality Advocate in GxP deployments for MES software, she uses her passion for the sciences to drive real solutions for implementations. Meg has successfully collaborated with a variety of teams from pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe to bring projects to life. She holds a BS in Psychology with a minor in Health and Life Sciences from Lafayette College.

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Danielle Kuhn
Software Engineer
Full Stack | Software

Danielle has spent the past seven years in the software industry, the last three as a software engineer focusing on full stack development at early stage companies. Danielle also co-founded a global payments company where she scaled the company from zero to billions in total payment volume. Prior to entering the software industry, she worked on analytics as a credentialed Actuary for over six years.

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Benson Lee
Science | Eng | Implementations

Benson runs Implementations at Ganymede. Before founding Ganymede, he was Head of Quantitative Markets at Affirm, where he built and oversaw quantitative research, capital markets deal structuring, and model risk management. He received BS and MEng degrees in Computer Science from Cornell.

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Kevin Leo
VP, Enterprise Sales
Enterprise Sales

Kevin is an experienced account executive in the software industry. He focuses on enterprise data and analytic solutions in a variety of industries such as life science, retail, and financial services. Prior to joining Ganymede, he worked at IDBS, Oracle, Teradata and TIBCO. He received his BS in Computer Science from Purdue University.

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Luke McCurry
Commercial Account Executive
SMB Sales | Account Management

Driven by the mission of putting customers' first, Luke is passionate about helping organizations propel digital transformation. Prior to joining Ganymede, Luke was a graduate of Snowflake's sales development academy and was a founding member of Snowflake's SMB sales teams. He received his undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia and his graduate degree from the University of New Orleans.

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Austen Novis
Principal Engineer

Austen has spent nearly a decade working in cloud infrastructure and security at both small and mid-sized startups as well as fortune 500 companies. He is a firm proponent of open-source technologies and has developed and maintained a diverse portfolio of projects including the project Goblet. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Harvard.

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Namrata Patil
Implementation Director
Implementations Leadership

Namrata brings extensive expertise in GTM roles within the Biotech/Pharma industry, including Marketing, Sales, and Services, gained from her years of experience in SaaS, B2B, and Biotech. Formerly at Benchling, she excelled in lab automation implementations and successfully led a team that deployed Benchling solutions to diverse customers, from startups to enterprises. With hands-on experience in various R&D labs, Namrata combines scientific knowledge with business acumen to drive impactful solutions.

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Erik Riis
Software Engineer
Full Stack | Software

Software Engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University. Prior to joining Ganymede, Erik worked as a software engineer for three years at GE Healthcare developing services to integrate AI-based clinical applications into the radiology reading workflows.

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Luke Schiefelbein
Sr. Scientific Software Engineer
Solutions | Analytics

Before Ganymede, Luke was a data scientist at finance and ad-tech startups, working on everything from big data and machine learning systems to statistical and econometric analyses. He has also worked as a professional screenwriter on documentary films. He received his BS in Mathematics from MIT.

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Derek Scott
Business Development Associate
Business Development | Data

Derek began his career in software data integration at Matillion working in business development. He graduated from the Leeds School of Business with a BS in Business Marketing from the University of Colorado Boulder.

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Josh Sharpe
Software Engineer
Full Stack | Software

Josh started off his career as a software engineer for IBM Watson where he worked on virtual assistant technologies.He then moved into the space industry, working on software and systems design for technologies that included lunar landers, radio interferometry telescopes, and small electric propulsion vehicles. He graduated from the University of Alabama with a BS in Computer Science and an MBA.

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Gavin Smith
Account Executive
Sales | Account Management

Prior to joining Ganymede, Gavin was an Account Executive at Benchling and Dotmatics. He received his BS in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology from The University of Washington.

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Eric Song
Staff Software Engineer

Eric started his career at Toast where he worked on and eventually led a team for restaurant discounts. He then moved to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard where he discovered a love for the life sciences. Since then, he’s been committed to contributing his software engineering experience towards the field by working in the biotech industry. Outside of work, he enjoys spending his time climbing and skiing.

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Dan Vagie
Scientific Software Engineer
Solutions | Analytics

Daniel was previously a Data Scientist for a company in the Boston area that utilized Causal AI to discover novel drug targets, where he built pipelines to train models and developed code to validate potential targets. He has a PhD in Physics from the University of Oklahoma.

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Olivia Watson
Sr Scientific Software Engineer
Manufacturing | Solutions

Olivia has worked in chemical manufacturing and full-stack software development for startups and global companies, mainly in the defense and aerospace industry. She has implemented both custom and off the shelf shop floor systems for R & D and full-scale production manufacturing.She graduated with her BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and continued with research in nanofibers and sensor development at the University of Utah.

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