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Modern science requires an equally modern data platform.

1. Automatically upload and store all your experimental data.

Bring any instrument online and sync its data into Ganymede or your apps, from sequencers to flow cytometers and everything in between. Upload and standardize your data as you gather it, saving a copy of everything in a single, easily-accessible spot.

2. Conduct more streamlined, collaborative, and powerful analysis

Use your favorite scientific software for analysis with minimal data management. Or leverage code to apply automated analysis, advanced analytics like AI/ML, or the latest open source packages. No matter your approach—no-code, low-code, or hard-code—your data is accessible to the whole team, expanding your capability to innovate collaboratively.

3. Automatically send results into your ELN or LIMS

Your notebook should reflect the work you’ve done— it shouldn’t be the bulk of the work you’re doing. Ganymede connects everything in your lab and allows you to easily automate the movement of  data from point A to point B. No more tedious manual data entry or human errors.

Low-code solutions for high-impact research

Our unique platform addresses scientists’ core challenges with code-flexible features that make gathering and analyzing lab data easy and fast.

Data is inaccessible

Your data is stuck on physical devices—like USBs and computers—and cannot be accessed quickly or easily.

Comparing multiple experiments is time consuming

How is your experiment doing? Comparing samples against other experiments in your lab can be difficult, especially if data is stored in different places and formats, was analyzed with multiple pieces of software, or was done by a different or unknown scientist.

Your ELN or LIMS is too cumbersome to use

All too often, ELNs and LIMS platforms are tedious to interact with. It takes forever to enter—let alone export—data.

My lab doesn’t operate as a team

Science is a team sport. Yet it often doesn’t feel that way. Labs don’t operate in sync. People perform the same lab activities in different ways. Sometimes different parts of the lab are even working on the same issue, but are unaware of each other's efforts.

Entering data takes hours

With data sources such as instruments and apps operating individually, you spend hours every week tracking down data from multiple instruments and entering it manually into an ELN or an Excel file.

Collect data from every source in one place

Ganymede virtualizes your lab’s machines and automatically uploads data from any instrument, app, and pipeline to a single cloud data lake.We follow FAIR data management principles, making your data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

Run analysis from, and in, one location

Since Ganymede gathers every bit of data—including both raw data and metadata—directly from apps and instruments, it’s easy to compare and contrast experiments and understand the full context.

Automatically export to and from a central source

We save and structure your lab’s raw data in the cloud for automatic import/export to your ELN, LIMS, and even Excel. Our platform uses best-in-class technology and approaches to speed up your ability to access and process data.

Create a single source of truth for everyone

Ganymede saves every piece of code, every interaction, and every snippet of data it sees. Every user’s interactions with data are logged, traceable, and can be found quickly.

Sync everything to the cloud automatically

Ganymede works 24/7 to automatically ingest all of your lab’s raw files and existing data from every instrument, app, and pipeline. We associate metadata with the raw data, too.

Access all your data anytime, anywhere in the cloud

Cloud-hosted data is more accessible and makes collaborating across locations, teams, and partners easier and faster. Tap into your data and advance experiments from near or far.

Uncover new insights more quickly

Rather than comparing small samples to a benchmark, see how they stack up against other experiments in your lab and discover insights faster.

Move data around easily

With raw data and metadata readily accessible, you can move your data where it needs to go instantly.

Improved communication, traceability, and collaboration

LIMS manager, software engineer, lead scientist—regardless of title, everyone can see, access, and analyze the same data in the same place. It’s clear who did what and when.

Reduce or eliminate time spent on data entry

Remain in the loop for data entry as much or as little as you like. Every speck of data is available in seconds, with all the associated metadata. Just log into your ELN, find all your data—cleaned and recorded—and start analyzing.

A platform to push your science forward

Ganymede exists to create an organized, smooth experience for managing lab data. We connect every source of data in the lab, including:

Any instrument, such as flow cytometers, plate readers, LC/MS, bioreactors, sequencers, and more

Any piece of scientific software, including ELNs, quality management systems (QMS), manufacturing execution or laboratory execution systems (MES/LES), lab information management systems (LIMS), and beyond

Any third-party partner, including contract research organizations (CROs) and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs)

Any pipeline or package of scripts

Not a coder?
Not a problem.

Ganymede’s platform is easy to use for everyone. We’ve specifically designed our platform with no-code features—including virtualization for your favorite software apps and built-in dashboards—to maximize the potential of your organization’s data while minimizing any new training. We’re flexible and agnostic to your existing infrastructure. You can run Ganymede and get the most out of the investments you’ve already made in tools like AWS, Benchling, and more.

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