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Want to de-clutter your data? We can help.

Data is the foundation of every scientific breakthrough. Make sure you have the right infrastructure for it.

1. Seamlessly build, customize, and scale your ETL data pipelines (“Flows”) from scratch

Save DevOps effort by using Ganymede to directly modify pipeline operators via a browser-based integrated development environment (IDE). Your code and pipeline changes are synced to a Git repo, so you can move fast and make things happen.

2. Spend less time on cloud plumbing, and more time on analysis

Monitor and orchestrate Flows via our Lab-as-Code™ platform, featuring graphical interfaces and troubleshooting in a user-friendly environment. Changes to Flows are checked before they are committed, and Ganymede builds and deploys your updates in the background.

3. Programmatically interact with your ELN/LIMS

Write sophisticated logic to associate your experimental results with electronic lab notebook (ELN)/ laboratory information management system (LIMS) context, using configurable Python/SQL environments. Analyze your instrument and LIMS data in one computing environment. Ganymede supplies serverless cloud infrastructure tailored to your needs.

An ETL process that’s fully customized for your lab’s unique workflows

In today’s labs, creating code is just as important as conducting experiments.

Your software and data infrastructure aren’t aligned

Labs often grow organically, which means there’s not a master plan for infrastructure or software. This leaves developers struggling to define, architect, and improve connectivity.

Software deployments are haphazard

You need to push deployments frequently, but each time feels like reinventing the wheel. CI/CD software only goes so far, and you’re spending too much time plugging the gaps.

Spend too much time troubleshooting and debugging integrations

When data from instruments and software isn’t connected and coordinated in a single location, developers spend their days troubleshooting issues, such as fixing bugs, logging and resolving incidents, cleaning code, and chasing down missing metadata.

Security standards are falling by the wayside

Your data is valuable—it’s the secret sauce behind all your company’s IP. Data swamps prevent  engineers from meeting best practices. Valuable data should be safeguarded, using common methods that include identity and access management (IAM), data retention, backups / disaster recovery, and more.

Nothing is logged, version-controlled, or permissioned

All too often, scripts are stored in disparate locations without a unified, coordinated infrastructure solution. There isn’t anywhere to store and track API credentials that are used in integrations.

Integrating lab systems is difficult and time consuming

All too often, connected apps and devices live on “islands.” When instruments are isolated, it’s a challenge to send and receive output files or orchestrate file capture across multiple endpoints.

Connect everything and centralizes scripts

Our data platform connects with every software system across your lab, including LIMS and ELNs. We also offer developers a way to maintain code and centralize scripts for easy tracking.

Automate repeatable deployments

We handle all the resource allocation, tapping into compute resources that scale with your science.

Provide an editing environment and tracking

We unify your data in one, centralized platform. You and your development team can iterate in Jupyter notebooks that mirror deployment environments. Deploy changes, track a Flow run's status, and use logs for debugging, all within Ganymede’s platform.

Provide robust admin powers and data retention

On our admin page, administrators can closely manage user access and configure environment secrets with five levels of access. All data is protected with a dedicated data retention protection (DRP) tool for Ganymede’s API service, client data, environment configuration, and infrastructure.

Orchestrate and monitor Flows

Our platform provides continuous, real-time status updates on all your Flows and runs. See when an event is kicked off and is processing, completes, or gets caught up with an error. Know which user triggered an event.

Automatically integrate every app and device

We connect every data source in the lab through a unified, single data lake. We then point file listeners to specific apps and folders, so data pushes and pulls where it needs to go, when it needs to go.

No more lost code

With all your code in a centralized, easily accessible location, scripts aren’t spread out across various lab PCs. Storing scripts and data in one platform makes it easier to track both.

Release management is headache-free

Developers don’t need to worry about CI/CD any longer. Scientists can make small changes to pipelines as needed, without requiring you to get involved.

Fewer bugs that are more easily fixed

With all your data flowing automatically into a central platform, Ganymede reduces errors and reduces the time to update integrations to under a week. It’s easy to log, track all your code, and fix bugs when they happen.

Prioritize compliance

No more scrambling or ad-hoc efforts to meet a compliance request or question. With clear user permissions, control over sensitive data, and retention tools, developers can meet requirements more quickly and easily.

Everything is tracked

With detailed logs of Flow runs, errors, and user activity, we make auditing much easier. Developers can see precisely where changes were made, and who made them. Changes could be rolled back, if necessary.

Never code another integration from scratch

Scientists can run experiments and create new files without requiring custom code. Spend your time on bigger picture priorities, while everything runs smoothly in the background.

We give IT teams and developers data superpowers with a backend-in-a-box approach

Ganymede manages all of your cloud infrastructure and makes it easy to integrate all sources of data. With our platform, you can easily:

Automate away tedious data-related tasks, like ingesting schemas and running ETL pipelines

Control code versioning and analysis in Git

Edit and test code within a hosted Jupyter notebook and debug by using our console logs

Develop functions in SQL and Python

Push data where it needs to go with third-party APIs, direct AWS and Azure access, FTP, email, ODBC, and other integrations

Deploy and version data Flows automatically, making releases a snap

New to coding
Not a problem.

Our developer-friendly platform is designed to meet you wherever you stand, whether you’re:

· New to life sciences data and workflows
· Unfamiliar with managing complex cloud infrastructure
· Deeply experienced, but just don’t have the time to maintain a homegrown system

We work closely with customers to set up integrations that gather data from across the entire lab into a single, easy-to-use, highly-customizable cloud layer—or you can build your own. Whether your lab is at a scrappy VC-backed biotech startup, or at a pharmaceutical giant, we enable your team to streamline processes, spend more time on code that matters, and speed up innovation.

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