Meet our team

A team that dreams to improve data and communication in the sciences.

  • Mays Alwash

    Mays Alwash

    Scientific Business Development Associate

    Business Development | Science

    As a former scientist, Mays is passionate about improving and accelerating the drug discovery process. Prior to joining Ganymede, she was a Scientific Liaison at BenchSci. Mays received her doctorate degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Toronto, and is a former social entrepreneur.
  • Zach Augenfeld

    Zach Augenfeld

    Sr. Scientific Software Engineer

    Solutions | Hardware

    Zach has worked as a software and systems engineer at various biotech startups since receiving his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Yale. His doctoral work focused on deep learning algorithms for medical image analysis and image - guided cancer therapies. Before that, he studied Electrical Engineering and worked as a firmware engineer for medical devices and as a DSP engineer for guitar stompboxes.
  • Sami Belkadi

    Sami Belkadi

    Product Manager

    Lab Auto | Hardware

    Sami was previously an Automation Engineer at HighRes Biosolutions, where he deployed robotic lab automation platforms in pharmaceutical and biotech labs. He holds a BSE in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.
  • James Cahoon

    James Cahoon

    Implementation Manager

    Client Management | Solutions

    Prior to joining Ganymede, James was a member of the Customer Experience team at Benchling, managing implementations and ongoing support for some of the largest companies in biotech. He received his BS in Biomedical Engineering from NC State University and UNC Chapel Hill.
  • Andy Caruso

    Andy Caruso

    Head of Engineering

    Cloud Infra | Quality

    Former Software Engineer at Alphabet. Andy built infrastructure management platform at Verily, and ran releases at YouTube, Chrome.
  • Alan Chramiec, PhD

    Alan Chramiec, PhD

    Founding Scientist

    Marketing | Business | People

    A scientist by training, Alan has more than a decade of biomedical research experience leading collaborations across 10+ world-class research institutions and medical centers. Co-founded the Center for Epigenetics Research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, as well as Nucleate NYC. He received his PhD in biomedical engineering at Columbia University, training under Dr. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.
  • Nathan Clark

    Nathan Clark


    Commercial | Product

    Nathan Clark is the founder and CEO of Ganymede, the modern data platform and cloud infrastructure for science. Prior to Ganymede, Nathan was product manager for several of Benchling's data products, including the Insights BI tool and Machine Learning team. Before that, Nathan has a background in machine learning and data systems across financial technology and general technology.
  • Matthew Co

    Matthew Co

    Scientific Software Engineer

    Solutions | Implementations

    Prior to joining Ganymede, Matt worked as a Software Engineer, where he contributed to healthcare infrastructure commercialization, servicing hundreds of thousands of daily active users. He holds a BSA in Biology with a Business Certificate from the University of Texas at Austin, and has experience executing biological research in the fields of antibiotics, oncology, and hematology.
  • Paul Hao

    Paul Hao

    Executive Assistant

    Business Operations | Finance

    Paul has a bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering, which he leveraged to work as a Technical Representative for Cebu Pacific's Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering department. He is currently pursuing additional studies in veterinary medicine at the University of the Philippines Los Banos while employed with Ganymede.
  • Danielle Kuhn

    Danielle Kuhn

    Software Engineer

    Full Stack | Software

    Danielle has spent the past seven years in the software industry, the last three as a software engineer focusing on full stack development at early stage companies. Danielle also co-founded a global payments company where she scaled the company from zero to billions in total payment volume. Prior to entering the software industry, she worked on analytics as a credentialed Actuary for over six years.
  • Kevin Leo

    Kevin Leo

    VP, Enterprise Sales

    Enterprise Sales

    Kevin is an experienced account executive in the software industry. He focuses on enterprise data and analytic solutions in a variety of industries such as life science, retail, and financial services. Prior to joining Ganymede, he worked at IDBS, Oracle, Teradata and TIBCO. He received his BS in Computer Science from Purdue University.
  • Benson Lee

    Benson Lee


    Implementations | Science | Eng

    Before founding Ganymede, Benson was Head of Quantitative Markets at Affirm, where he built and oversaw quantitative research, capital markets deal structuring, and model risk management. He received BS and MEng degrees in Computer Science from Cornell.
  • Cody Leff

    Cody Leff

    Full Stack | Software

    Software | Full Stack

    Cody began his software career in 2015 at Stanford’s Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis, providing full-stack web development and data visualization solutions for data-first digital humanities projects. He has worked as a software engineer at early-stage companies in the fields of health technology and business intelligence. Cody holds a B.S. in Architectural Design from Stanford University.
  • Stephen Malkowicz

    Stephen Malkowicz

    Sr. Scientific Software Engineer

    Software | Science

    Prior to joining Ganymede Stephen served as a Sr. Software Data engineer at onco-pharmaceutical startup Adaptimmune, spearheading the development of a multi-model NoSQL Enterprise Data Warehouse, dramatically improving bioinformatics analytics turnaround and predictive accuracy. Prior to entering software, Stephen spent three in Oncology research both In Vitro and In Silico at The Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, The Wistar Institute and The Philadelphia Veterans Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, publishing in The International Journal of Oncology. Stephen studied Biophysics at Temple University and Computer Science at New York University.
  • Allison Murdoch

    Allison Murdoch

    Head of Business Development

    Sales | CSM

    Allison has over five years of experience in the software industry and has spent the past three in B2B enterprise SaaS sales. Prior to joining Ganymede she led customer success at MobStac and was an early member of the commercial team for HCP365, a healthcare provider measurement tool at Pulsepoint/Internet Brands. She holds a BA in Economics from Barnard College, Columbia University and a MSc with Distinction in Organizational Behavior from the London School of Economics.
  • Namrata Patil

    Namrata Patil

    Implementation Director

    Implementations Leadership

    Namrata brings extensive expertise in GTM roles within the Biotech/Pharma industry, including Marketing, Sales, and Services, gained from her years of experience in SaaS, B2B, and Biotech. Formerly at Benchling, she excelled in lab automation implementations and successfully led a team that deployed Benchling solutions to diverse customers, from startups to enterprises. With hands-on experience in various R&D labs, Namrata combines scientific knowledge with business acumen to drive impactful solutions.
  • Erik Riis

    Erik Riis

    Software Engineer

    Full Stack | Software

    Software Engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University. Prior to joining Ganymede, Erik worked as a software engineer for three years at GE Healthcare developing services to integrate AI-based clinical applications into the radiology reading workflows.
  • Derek Scott

    Derek Scott

    Business Development Associate

    Business Development | Data

    Derek began his career in software data integration at Matillion working in business development. He graduated from the Leeds School of Business with a BS in Business Marketing from the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • Luke Schiefelbein

    Luke Schiefelbein

    Sr. Scientific Software Engineer

    Solutions | Analytics

    Before Ganymede, Luke was a data scientist at finance and ad-tech startups, working on everything from big - data machine - learning systems to statistical and econometric analyses. He has also worked as a professional screenwriter on documentary films. He received his BS in Mathematics from MIT.
  • Josh Sharpe

    Josh Sharpe

    Software Engineer

    Full Stack | Software

    Josh started off his career as a software engineer for IBM Watson where he worked on virtual assistant technologies.He then moved into the space industry, working on software and systems design for technologies that included lunar landers, radio interferometry telescopes, and small electric propulsion vehicles. He graduated from the University of Alabama with a BS in Computer Science and an MBA.
  • Gavin Smith

    Gavin Smith

    Account Executive

    Sales | Account Management

    Prior to joining Ganymede, Gavin was an Account Executive at Benchling and Dotmatics. He received his BS in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology from The University of Washington.
  • Mike Travers

    Mike Travers

    Software Engineer

    Full Stack | Software

    Mike is an experienced software designer who has built many innovative scientific and medical applications, including platforms for combinatorial chemistry, knowledge- based bioinformatics, and synthetic biology. Prior to joining Ganymede, he worked at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, and has also held research positions at SRI, IBM, and the Centre Mondial in Paris. He has exhibited installations at the SIGGRAPH Art Show and the Boston Computer Museum, and has a PhD from the MIT Media Lab.
  • Dan Vagie

    Dan Vagie

    Scientific Software Engineer

    Solutions | Analytics

    Daniel was previously a Data Scientist for a company in the Boston area that utilized Causal AI to discover novel drug targets, where he built pipelines to train models and developed code to validate potential targets. He has a PhD in Physics from the University of Oklahoma.
  • Ray Wang

    Ray Wang

    Senior Product Designer

    Product Design | User Research

    Ray was previously a UX Designer for three years at Bio-Rad Laboratories where he researched, designed, and tested features for a Quality Control SaaS intended for labs worldwide. He has a BS degree in Cognitive Science at UCSD and a Master of Professional Studies in Information Science at Cornell.
  • Olivia Watson

    Olivia Watson

    Sr. Scientific Software Engineer

    Manufacturing | Solutions

    Olivia has worked in chemical manufacturing and full-stack software development for startups and global companies, mainly in the defense and aerospace industry. She has implemented both custom and off the shelf shop floor systems for R & D and full-scale production manufacturing.She graduated with her BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and continued with research in nanofibers and sensor development at the University of Utah.