The Infrastructure of Innovation™

Data is the bedrock of every life science breakthrough. Unlock its full potential with Ganymede. Flexible. Dependable. End-to-end. Designed for Science.

Build Integration

We work closely with customers to set up complete integrations that gather data from across the entire wet lab into a single, easy-to-use, highly-customizable cloud layer. Or, for those more fluent in code, you can build your own with our developer-friendly platform.

Architect solution

Every lab has unique workflows, and deserves a unique data infrastructure to match. We understand that at a deep level. Our team will scope out your science (and schemas) and design a solution to match your needs.

Test solution

Ganymede may start from the assay outward, but once your integration is built, it goes back to the wet lab for rigorous testing and evaluation. We don’t just promise a solution. We deliver, implement, and ensure its success in production.

Derive Insights

All of the data captured in our process—from raw file to metadata to the latest analyzed result—is stored and used to build a data lake. By doing this, Ganymede provides full process visibility, empowering you to run analytics and to continue to optimize your workflows and maximize the value of your scientific data.

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Our Customers

Sanavia Oncology

Any Instrument. Any App. One FAIR Data Platform.

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