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End-to-end computing
‍for all of your scientific data

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Create near-real-time transformation and analysis pipelines directly against Ganymede integrations – your entire lab in-memory.

Programmatically interact with your scientific data

Use Python and SQL to construct transformation and analysis pipelines for managing lab data and associating it with your experimental results with ELN/LIMS/MES context.

Minimize your cloud infra maintenance

Save Devops effort by using Ganymede to directly modify pipeline operators via a browser-based IDE. Your code and pipeline changes are synced with a Git repo so you can move fast and make things happen. View redlines of changed versions and roll back seamlessly.

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Universal Connectors

Integrate instruments, ELNs, LIMS, and more with extensive agent options, parsing, and large existing library, all into Ganymede tabular data.

A boundless variety of instrument and app connectors

Connect directly to lab instruments with Agents, which leverage Lab-as-code as a custom interface for capturing instrument data.

The easiest UI for writing integrations

Engineers code integrations' skeletons, then visualize them in an automatically-generated UI for scientists to review and write business logic. Build an entire DAG as you go.

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FAIR Data Cloud

Extract, load, and structure your data as you gather it, saving a copy of everything accessible in one spot and creating a data mesh across your files.

Never lose data, metadata, nor provenance again

Ganymede stores and harmonizes all data that passes through it according to FAIR principles, so that you can retrace your steps and find the files, tables and code that were involved in your pipelines. Already have a data lake? We’ll gladly sync the data into it.

Analyze directly from your cloud datalake

Use SQL transformations to run analysis and data models directly on the data stored in your Ganymede data lake.

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Run entire apps, VMs, or virtual desktops in Ganymede. Liberate scientists from PCs in the lab and create human-in-the-loop pipelines.

Run your scientific analysis entirely in the cloud

Virtualize manual analysis and keep using your favorite analytical software tools and SOPs, or get around running analysis only on local lab PCs, all while streamlining your data management.

Leverage automation in a customized way

In most scientific workflows, end-to-end data automation doesn’t make sense. With Virtualization, you can incorporate the human-in-the-loop at critical steps, while automating away the others.

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Managed Services

Our team of experts and wide network of established partners offer a full suite of implementation and support services to ensure the success of your digital transformation.

Fully customized and fully implemented solutions

Users love building on Ganymede themselves, but we have a skilled team of developers, scientists, and partners that are available to help take your from scoping out your schemas, to deriving org-wide insights.

Bridge gaps between physical lab operations and ELN/LIMS

Our team is diverse and knowledgeable in both the best practices of lab data management and scientific workflow definition. Our partners have proven success in tackling digital projects of all shapes and sizes.

Not a coder?
Not a problem.

Our developer-friendly platform is designed to meet you wherever you stand, whether you’re:

· New to life sciences data and workflows
· Unfamiliar with managing complex cloud infrastructure
· Deeply experienced, but just don’t have the time to maintain a homegrown system

We work closely with customers to set up integrations that gather data from across the entire lab into a single, easy-to-use, highly-customizable cloud layer—or you can build your own.

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