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Modern science requires an equally modern data platform.

1. All your lab data in one place, structured and saved forever

Standardize and centralize data from all your instruments, apps, analyses, as well as  third-party data from external partners like contract research organizations (CROs) or contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs).

2. Institutionalize data integrity and pave the way to GxP

Ensure robust compliance with good practices (GxP) by targeting the three biggest sources of vulnerability: documentation, processes, and people.

3. Maximize the cost-efficiency of your lab operations

Streamline, automate, and visualize all lab workflows with Ganymede's flexible cloud platform and lab analytics dashboards.

Intelligent lab operations, from bench to bedside

Ganymede exists to create an organized, comprehensive, and easy experience for managing data and visualizing lab activities.

Back up continually

Your data is invaluable. It’s mission critical to protect it. All the data we integrate from inside a lab—and from outside vendors, like CDMOs and CROs—are constantly backed up to the cloud.

Audits made easy with automation

Ganymede keeps track of anything that happens to your lab’s data and who did it. From raw data and metadata to instrument versioning and pipelines and more, we remove redundancies and save everything forever—making audits easy to comply with.

Control access and track activity

Ganymede makes it easy to lock and version code, as well as to trace data between its source and destination. Because we capture every instance that a user interacts with your data, you can see what happened—and roll back changes, if needed.

Pave the way to compliance

GxP. 21 CFR 11. Compliance is crucial in a highly-regulated environment with sensitive data and products. Ganymede helps pave the way to meeting requirements with precise documentation, versioning, traceability, and more.

Reduce errors

Humans introduce errors into scientific data. Ganymede’s platform automatically ingests data from every source in your lab, reducing the risk of human error and automatically preparing data for analysis.

Make faster experimental decisions

Ganymede saves you time on experiments by instantly logging data and putting insights into your hands quickly. Allocate resources and make go/no-go decisions faster, speeding your experiential time by more than 20 percent on average.

Get timely insights at all times

Managers have a piecemeal, delayed view of data and experiments, typically through bi-weekly or monthly meetings and/or reports. With Ganymede, managers have an instant view into their entire scientific organization. Log in and see everything that scientists and teams are doing—anytime, anywhere.

Say bye bye to bottlenecks

Every IND filing ultimately starts with a simple R&D insight. In today’s competitive IP landscape, the faster you are, the better. By fully automating data capture and centralizing cloud storage, Ganymede puts time back in the hands of scientists to do actual science.

Grow confidently

With a holistic view of all your lab’s data, Ganymede can help to identify areas for scaling up (or down), such as making the decision to move to a CRO or CDMO. Ganymede’s customers have reduced time to market by more than 10 percent.

Do more with existing resources

Ganymede puts low-code resources and automation into scientists’ hands, enabling them to do more analysis without having to hire an army of additional data scientists and software engineers. In fact, we can save around 20 percent of bench scientists’ time.

Coordinate teams seamlessly

We provide a single data lake for all your lab’s code, scripts, and more. With access to the same information, teams can collaborate seamlessly and efficiently. No one wastes time duplicating efforts, miscommunicating information, or hunting down historical context for data and metadata when prepping new protocols or INDs.

Plan for capital expenses

Lab instruments are costly to replace. By tracking all data in one central location, Ganymede helps managers plan for equipment end-of-life and budget for repairs and replacements.

Powering the labs of the future – today

Standardize and centralize your data from instruments, software apps, analyses, and even third-party data from partners like CROs or CDMOs. We connect every source of data in the lab, including:

Any instrument, such as flow cytometers, plate readers, LC/MS, bioreactors, sequencers, and more

Any project management or data visualization tool, including SmartSheets, Power BI, Spotfire, and Tableau

Any piece of scientific software, including electronic lab notebooks (ELNs), quality management systems (QMS), manufacturing execution or laboratory execution systems (MES/LES), lab information management systems (LIMS), and beyond

Any pipeline or package of scripts

Any third-party partner, including CROs and CDMOs

Not a coder?
Not a problem.

Ganymede’s platform is easy to use for everyone. We’ve specifically designed our platform with no-code features—including KPI dashboards—to maximize the potential of your organization’s data while minimizing any new training. We’re flexible and agnostic to your existing infrastructure. You can run Ganymede and get the most out of the investments you’ve already made in tools like AWS, Benchling, and more.

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