Live Webinar

Turn data pain to prosperity: a roadmap for lab digitalization

Feb 21
1:00 pm

Achieve digitalization maturity to successfully implement business intelligence and AI in your labs.

Why do so many biotechs suffer from data pain? Why do AI implementations fail in the wet lab? Often, these problems stem from low-quality, data silos, disorganized data and manual data cleaning, combined with a lack of targeted applications designed to properly leverage the power of AI. But labs can overcome these obstacles by pulling the right digitalization levers.

Join Nathan Clark, Founder and CEO of Ganymede, and Dr. Alexander Herzfeldt, Associate Partner/Vice President at Siemens Advanta Consulting, for a webinar that explores the technical and strategic data challenges currently slowing down the growth of life sciences organizations. Tune in as they discuss how labs can maximize the value of their lab data by turning it into operational improvements, and successfully apply advanced data models, including AI, at the R&D level and on the manufacturing floor.

The webinar will guide you through Ganymede’s Lab Digitalization Maturity Curve, providing actionable insights to assess and elevate your organization's data effectiveness and readiness for AI and machine learning. The five key phases include:

• Capture and record

• Store, structure, integrate, and automate

• Analyze, visualize, and introduce (business) intelligence

• The business case for data-driven decisions

• Digital twins and AI/ML

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Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark

Founder & CEO
Ganymede Bio
Dr. Alexander Herzfeldt

Dr. Alexander Herzfeldt

Associate Partner/Vice President
Siemens Advanta Consulting
Turn data pain to prosperity: a roadmap for lab digitalization