Live Webinar

The future of lab data is FAIR

Dec 12
9:00 am

Unlocking the potential of data standardization in biotech

Data. It’s at the heart of every R&D insight, IND filing,

publication, and mega-million drug deal. And yet, the

value of that data is severely limited by how we’re

(mis)treating it.

Despite industry-wide standards for drug development,

there is a woeful lack of standards for the increasingly

complex data that powers it.

There is a better way: the wide scale adoption of FAIR

(Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable)

data standards. From enabling data discovery to

fostering seamless data sharing and integration, FAIR

principles empower scientists to tap into the full value

of their data.

In doing so, they lay the foundation for accelerated

scientific progress and commercialization of novel


Join Ganymede’s co-founder and CEO Nathan Clark,

and industry scientists from Janssen and Tolmar as

they discuss why data standards are so poor in the

life sciences, and offer a practical guide to implementing

them in your lab.

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Victoria Mander

Victoria Mander

Karthik Raj Konnaiyan

Karthik Raj Konnaiyan

Senior Lab Automation Engineer
Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark

Founder & CEO
Ganymede Bio
The future of lab data is FAIR