Live Webinar

Beyond Audit Logs: A New Approach To Making Lab Data Traceability Easy

May 15
1:00 pm

In the rapidly evolving life sciences industry, ensuring robust data traceability is vital for regulatory compliance and maintaining data integrity. However, biotech companies often face significant challenges in achieving it throughout their workflows. In this webinar, we’ll explore the significance of data traceability, the hurdles associated with it, as well as discuss how Ganymede Bio’s innovative and distinct approach tackles these challenges head-on.

In this webinar, we will take a look at:

  • Why lab data traceability is so important yet so difficult to achieve
  • The drawbacks of traditional approaches and technologies like audit logs
  • How Ganymede Bio enables unprecedented data traceability by linking data from various records (e.g. ELN entries, LIMS sample IDs, or manufacturing batch records) all the way back through the analysis into the raw data, and cache the analysis performed for reproducibility
  • The benefits of comprehensive data traceability, including how it’s a precursor to successful adoption of AI and machine learning

Join us on our deep dive into data traceability, and discover how Ganymede Bio offers an innovative solution that empowers scientists, improves data management efficiency, and enhances data integrity and compliance.

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Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark

Founder & CEO
Ganymede Bio
Beyond Audit Logs: A New Approach To Making Lab Data Traceability Easy